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Allistair - Designer

The main themes which repeat in my work are related to the exploration of stories in all forms; be that looking at ways in which our lives are part of an ever growing and interconnected narrative, trying to understand the world and its varied landscape and cultures though mythology and legends, or creating work which feels like a snatched moment from a further tale.

As a society we need narrative; it is our system of making sense of the world. Through narrative we can link people, places and events to an understandable time frame. A leads to B which leads to C. Everything in our history is a part of a narrative; mythology, religion, culture, science even history itself, everything is a process through time and to make sense of it we create stories. I am very interested in how these stories shape and form the environment around us. In terms of architecture and landscape stories act as a fourth dimension connecting us to both the past and possible future of a site.