Lorraine - Designer

Established in 2003, INTO produces a collection of individually knitted lifestyle accessories, engineered to a unique aesthetic by infusing lucidity with a contradictory twist. Using lambswool and cashmere yarn, simply shaped handbags become canvases for pictorial jacquards; graphic geometrics are enhanced with vibrant colour palettes and organic embellishments grow from manipulative felting techniques. In the INTO collection, embroidery and appliqu provide decorative elements creating eccentric egg cosies, woolly jewellery and irregular scarves. By exploring scale, traditional components become exaggerated. Scarves are skinny with large bobbles and beaded necklaces have overstated proportions. Each INTO piece provides a distinct, unique statement by applying knitting to unusual applications that hope to raise a smile.

The creative process is equally fascinating. INTO designs begin with striking, bold and deceptively simple images. These surface patterns are boiled to provide a stable structure suitable for bags and hotties. The result is a superb collection of unique and light-hearted INTO pieces exploring unusual knitted applications.

Inspiration appears to be non-stop at INTO. As Lorraine Linton says, As Im making, Im bombarded with ideas which I try to record and come back to. Im always pulled in different directions when it comes to inspiration. Ideas for new INTO pieces can come from anything from the Haynes Vauxhall Viva manuals to spiritual healers! Im also looking to develop more sustainable designs. Increasingly, customers are choosing to buy more consciously.

For everyone with a taste for the whimsical, INTO designs are absolutely irresistible.