Rosie - Designer

Rosie Brown’s collection of home and fashion accessories began on a trip to the Outer Hebrides. Recognising the potential of Harris Tweed as a medium, and being aware of the decline of weavers in the industry, Rosie was inspired to produce a range of contemporary products. The idea, mixing traditional and modern elements, has created a product range which is a unique fusion of time-honoured techniques and new ideas.

The “flutter” design is now synonymous with the Rosie Brown label. Each piece is silk-screen printed by hand onto Harris Tweed in an intricate inking process refined by Rosie specifically for the tweed. Backed in pure silk, each piece is hand finished with a vintage fabric selvedge.

As Rosie has said,” The designs on the cushions and scarves work well, and give the buyer an element of Scottishness that isn’t overbearing. The Harris Tweed is quite definitely a traditional product but adding a one-colour print introduces an entirely fresh dimension.”